Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1

I just want to clarify the national parks project that will be coming up.
The planning sheet was handed out today, and it is the rubric for grading the poster project.
The states for each project come from the region we are studying, so the first project will be on a national park, monument, historical site, etc. from a state in the northeast region.
So the first states we are studying are:Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.
I have told students to put the Historical Significance in their own words, do not print off a lot of information from the internet and attach it to the poster.
The poster should include:
The name of the park, the state where it is located, the region, and show a small map of the park or its location in the state.
When did it become a National Park, The historical significance( why is it a national park?), What would you see there, what can you do there? How far is it from your house? Include 4 pictures, may be actual  photos from a vacation, pictures from a magazine, drawings, or printed off the internet. Please label what the picture is of.
Everything should be neatly done.
It will be presented to the class, so practice this.
I have a book of National Parks, by state. They may check with me before doing work, if they have a question.
Remember, this is not a state park, or county park. It should be from the National Parks.
You can google National
More information:
Iowa Assessments will be Tuesday through Friday mornings.
We will not have spelling next week.
I will send a date home when I figure how long we should take to finish the northeast, but students may bring in their posters whenever they are finished.
Have a great weekend.

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