School Dress Code

Lourdes Catholic School DRESS CODE
Effective 9-20-10

UNIFORMS:    Girls K-4 Plaid jumper, skirt or culotte
    Girls 5-8 Plaid skirt or culotte
    Length = 2 inches above knee only
    Cut, torn, or ripped clothing is not allowed.

PANTS:    Solid navy or khaki dress slacks
    Belts must be worn in grades 3-8.
    Pants should be hemmed to the top of the shoe.
    No jeans, cotton knits, stirrups, elastic at the ankle, cargo pants,
    carpenter pants, or Capri pants.

SHORTS:    Navy blue or khaki walking shorts (2 inches above the knee)
May be worn August thru October 15th and April 15th thru May (*These guidelines of dates apply to N.U.T. Days). Shorts should be just above the knee.  No boxers, cotton knits, lycra, or cargo shorts.

SHIRTS:    Red, white or navy blue classic polo shirts
    Classic polo shirts are full bodied - traditional long- or short- sleeved      Shirts should be tucked in on both girls and boys at all times. 
    LCS logo only.
    Plain, white shirts may be worn under uniform shirts.

TURTLENECKS:    Red, white or navy blue
    LCS logo is acceptable.           

SWEATERS/SWEATSHIRTS:    Solid red, white or navy blue Cardigans or pullover
        Solid sweatshirts (LCS red or white also)
        *Uniform shirt must be worn under sweater/sweatshirt.

SOCKS:    Solid red, white or navy blue
    Ankle or knee socks
    Plain tights/leggings (NO LACE) in red, white or navy blue

SHOES:    *These guidelines apply to N.U.T. Days. 
    No clogs
    No “Crocs”
    No sandals
    No jellies
    No Moccasins
    No open-toed/open-heeled shoes
    No Indoor/Outdoor Boots are allowed except for recess
    Tennis shoes and dress shoes with non-marking soles - should have shoelaces or Velcro. 
    No slip-on shoes for Physical Education.

HAIRSTYLES:    *These guidelines apply to N.U.T. Days
    Neat hairstyles - age appropriate
    No elaborate coloring
    No partially shaved heads or lines cut into hair
    Boys:    -No ponytails
        -No longer than the top of the ear at sides of head
        -No longer than 1” above collar length at back of head
        -No longer than the eyebrow on the forehead

JEWELRY:    *These guidelines apply to N.U.T. Days
    Boys:         No earrings
    Girls:        Small earrings only, no dangling earrings
    Girls/Boys:    Small chains (one) may be worn by boys or girls

MAKE-UP:    *These guidelines apply to N.U.T. Days
    Boys:        No nail polish
    Girls:        Natural lipstick
            Minimal make-up
            Clear, natural, or pale pink nail polish only
    Boys and Girls:    No temporary tattoos.  Writing on one’s body is never allowed.

SPIRIT DAY:    Every Friday!
All LCS spirit wear and Assumption High School spirit wear may also be worn.

N.U.T. Day:    N.U.T. stands for No Uniform Today.  When there is a scheduled N.U.T. Day, students are allowed to be out of uniform on this day.   There are still guidelines to be followed on these special days.  Please see the sections above: Shorts, Shoes, Hairstyles, Jewelry, Make-Up.

Official Uniform Supplier:
           The Religious Supply Store
           1309 Jersey Ridge Road
          Davenport IA 52803

Meet Your Teacher:

Welcome to 4th grade. I am Mrs. Susan Smith. This will be my 24rd year teaching at Lourdes Catholic School! I can hardly believe it. I taught 5th grade, 1st grade, and now, this is my seventh year in 4th grade. I love teaching and every year brings new and exciting challenges.I am a graduate of Drake University with a degree in elementary education and a minor in social studies. I believe that every student is special and brings their own uniqueness to our classroom. I look forward to a great year.