School Wellness Policy

Wellness Policy
Effective Sept. 7, 2010

The State of Iowa has mandated a new set of guidelines (“Healthy Kids Act”) to promote wellness in schools.  In order to promote wellness in a manner that Iowa Department of Education and Lourdes Catholic School deem appropriate, there are notable changes at LCS this school year.

The soda machines in the PAC and faculty lounge have been removed.  Physical Education minutes per week have been increased.  The “Healthy Bake Sale” fundraiser has been eliminated.  Some grade levels have opted to remove snacks from their daily routine.

If your child’s classroom allows birthday treats (please check with each individual teacher due to allergy reasons and/or school policy), please only provide a store-packaged item.  Items must arrive to school in a sealed container with a visible nutrition label.  The LCS school policy for food options does apply to holiday parties.

Drink options must include:    NO caffeinated beverages, NO soda/carbonated beverages, NO sports drinks or flavored water, ONLY juice with 100% fruit/vegetable juice (no added sweetners), ONLY lowfat/nonfat milk.

Food options must include:    Items that are < 200 calories/serving; items that have <400mg Sodium; items that have <10% Saturated Fat calories; items that have < 0.5 gm Trans Fat; items that have < 35% total fat.

Items to consider:     Sugar-free pudding, Low-sugar or sugar-free cookies, Mini-muffins, Rice Krispie Treats, Sugar Free Popsicles, yogurt (yogurt is unrestricted), Jello, Popcorn, Granola bars, Applesauce, Pretzels, Crackers, Chex Mix

Non-food options to celebrate your child’s birthday may include:
An indoor board game, puzzle, Legos, etc. to be used for Indoor Recess; the donation of a book to the classroom or school library; extra recess (time to be determined by the homeroom teacher)

Meet Your Teacher:

Welcome to 4th grade. I am Mrs. Susan Smith. This will be my 24rd year teaching at Lourdes Catholic School! I can hardly believe it. I taught 5th grade, 1st grade, and now, this is my seventh year in 4th grade. I love teaching and every year brings new and exciting challenges.I am a graduate of Drake University with a degree in elementary education and a minor in social studies. I believe that every student is special and brings their own uniqueness to our classroom. I look forward to a great year.